Christmas is the day that holds all time together.

It’s that time of year again where Christendom celebrates the Holidays. No matter what tradition one upholds during this time of year, it is guaranteed to be a time of building memories. And in Baguio, where the temperature drops to more than below 16 degrees Celsius, it adds a little more flavour to this season than any other place in the country. Holiday Park Hotel is just the place one can enjoy a simple yet memorable experience while spending the Holidays in Baguio, which is perhaps why, by some coincidence that the hotel is aptly called “Holiday Park”. Our gift to our guests is the experience of a stay that is rich, personal and warm. Free from the complexities that often shrouds the true Spirit of the Season, but rather offering sincere pleasantries one would come to expect from a place aimed to be a “home away from home.” So build your memories this Christmas with us, here at Holiday Park Hotel.


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