Roads to Baguio City…

1. From Kennon Road-

      Kennon Road has an entry point at Rosario, La Union, the old road that visitors from Manila and places south of the City of Pines love to take.

2. From Marcos High Way-

      Marcos Highway has two entry points at Rosario and Agoo, both in La Union, and is favored for its wider lanes .

3. From Naguilian-

      Naguilian Road is officially named Quirino Highway although no one really calls it that. Naguilian Road has an entry point at Bauang, La Union and is the road taken by travelers coming from northern Luzon provinces.

4. From Halsema Road-

      Halsema Road, passing through La Trinidad Valley – connects Benguet to Mountain Province (Sagada) and Ifugao (Banaue) and other places to the northeast.

5. From Baguio-Nueva Vizcaya Road-

      Baguio-Nueva Vizcaya Road connects Benguet to Aritao, Nueva Vizcaya, and is the newest access for those coming from provinces to the east of the city and is a great alternative to Halsema Road.

Getting to the Hotel

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Halsema and Nueva Vizcaya Roads approach the Summer Capital of the Philippines from the northeast, while Naguilian Road, approaches from the north, while Kennon and Marcos Highway approach the city from the south. It is precisely this route that we will discuss next, as it is the one most traversed by folks coming from Manila, the capital of the Philippines. You will see how easy it actually is to get to Baguio City these days.

Manila to Baguio City: Easy as 1-2-3


From Manila take the NLEX up to Exit 85, to get to the SCTEX. Shift to the right lane and head for Baguio via Tarlac (going straight takes you to Subic). Drive the length of the SCTEX until the Tarlac City exit where you will turn left to a country road. Drive about 10km more, following road signs until you reach MacArthur Highway +/- 120km total


Turn right to MacArthur Highway, pass through the remaining four towns of Tarlac province, and the length of Pangasinan province making no turns, till you reach Rosario, La Union. +/- 90km


Turn right at the Rosario junction to Kennon Road or go a little further (about 500 meters more) & turn right to the new entrance to Marcos Highway. +/- 30km/40km